Golden Cradle’s Additional Adoption Services

Golden Cradle assists families and professionals in completing private adoptions.  Complementing the work of attorneys, the staff at Golden Cradle provides essential services to adoptive and birth parents throughout the adoption process.

Specifically, Golden Cradle provides home study services, completion of New Jersey Adoption Complaint Investigations (ACIs), and all services needed for Identified Adoptions.

Home Study Services

A home study is a basic overview of your family’s life, history and home, which allows courts and our agency to determine if a stable emotional, physical and financial environment exists for an adopted child. Home studies highlight items such as your relationships, interactions with children, childhoods and your home and neighborhood.

A home study must be performed by a social worker licensed in the state in which you live. Golden Cradle provides home study services to families residing in New Jersey who are using out of state services to adopt domestically or internationally.

New Jersey Adoption Complaint Investigations (ACIs)

New Jersey Adoption Complaint Investigations (ACIs) are required by the courts of New Jersey for non-agency adoptions. ACI’s are required for step-parent or family member adoptions. When completing an ACI Golden Cradle social worker will include a report similar to a home study and post adoption visits unless otherwise specified by the courts.

Identified Adoption Services

Golden Cradle staff are here to help when adoptive parents or birth parents identify one another without the help of an agency and wish to complete the adoption process.  We can assist you by preparing and approving a home study, preparing and executing legal consent documents, serving as hospital liaisons, and facilitating post-placement adoptive services for both the birth and adoptive families.

Coordinated Placements Services

When a birth parent is identified either through an agency or an attorney, Golden Cradle can support the New Jersey adoptive family by providing all the services outlined in an Identified Adoption. Birth parent(s) services can also be provided to New Jersey families.