Adoptive Families Stories

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Stories from Adopted Families and Adoptees

Jesse and Joey

Our adoption journey began nearly two years before being placed. Adoption was very new to us at that time with lots of unknowns and questions, but the staff at Golden Cradle made us feel at ease and very comfortable. This is one of the main reasons we chose their agency and we truly felt that they would be there to guide us through this journey and answer any and all of these questions along the way. From day one, we were very optimistic hoping we would defy the odds and not wait too long to be placed with a baby to love. One of the first things discussed with our social worker at Golden Cradle was our level of openness and what we would be comfortable with. In the beginning, we were much more reserved with our comfort level and did not think we would want anything other than writing ...
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Danny’s Adoption Story

Meet Daniel Xiowi-Stein (Danny) In the summer of 2014, when Danny was 10 years old, he first visited New Jersey as a Host. He stayed with Sandy and Robert for one month. Danny shared he went to museums and loved going swimming at the pool and the beach. When Danny returned to China, he went back to live in a home that was full of boys and girls from infant to 17 years old. Danny explained that since he was 10, he was considered an “older child.” The older children were responsible for taking care of the babies. He remembers feeding and changing the babies’ diapers. Danny shared his happiest memory in China was on his 11 birthday, he received a letter from Sandy and Robert stating they wanted him to be a part of their family forever. A year later he arrived in New Jersey to live with his ...
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Our Dream Come True

A little over one year ago, my husband & I finally made the decision to pursue adoption. After eight years of marriage, and many medical procedures we decided that it was more important to be parents than to deliver a child. We had absolutely no idea where to begin. We started on the Internet and found thousands of sites, but not that much information. We started asking friends and family if they knew anyone who had adopted. A friend of my parents recommended several agencies, one of which was Golden Cradle. We called 30+ agencies and started to get a clue as to how the process worked. Making the decision to adopt is an absolute leap of faith; we decided to trust our instincts as we delved into adoption. We had a really good feeling about Golden Cradle after our first call. They were professional, helpful and patient…we had a ...
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An Adoptee’s View

Personal Statement I was buttoned up warm in a red and white striped sweater when I was first given to my parents. They traveled oceans and continents to adopt their daughter from China, and were eager to finally hold the infant they had only one small picture of. The Chinese caretaker put me into the eager arms of my mother, and at that moment I was given a family. I have a picture of my mother in the hotel room in China unfastening the buttons of the red sweater I had on. I was five months old. The sweater would have been too big for baby me if I did not have multiple additional layers. My mother was supposed to give back all of the clothes I came to her in, however for some reason she accidentally kept the red sweater and it came home with us to the States ...
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