As you will see from these stories, everyone’s circumstances are not the same. However, these young women were all dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

In reading their stories, you are taking an important first step in gaining knowledge about adoption as an alternative choice.

Candace’s Story

Candace Writes About Openess In Her Adoption In an OPEN adoption...Golden Cradle is a go between in all open adoptions. They send Birth Mothers the photo and monthly updates even when the Adoptive parents and Birth parent(s) are in contact on their own. That way if one side pulls back the Birth Mother still received the months of updates and everyone stays comfortable with contact. I was lucky when I met my daughter’s new family and we connected in a way that we both wanted and immediately began an open relationship with direct contact on our own without Golden Cradle being our go between. I can't say how much I appreciate the bond that we have developed over the years. I know that Golden Cradle has had so many unique experiences before us and after as they will continue for years to come. They are there to be the glue ...
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Daniele’s Story

Daniele's Story I was attending college part-time, twenty-two years old and had just come out of a four-year relationship six months before our wedding date. On the rebound from this relationship, I began to date one of the local police officers in town. After a short time into the relationship, I realized that he was married and lived with his wife, regardless of what he told me. At that time, my self-esteem was so low that I really didn't care at that point. After about two months into the relationship, I became pregnant. I didn't tell anyone except for my best friend, and tried to hide the entire situation. At the beginning of my eighth month, I told my mother, with whom I was living. She was very angry and disappointed in me. After she had time to digest it all, she told me that whatever I chose to do, ...
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Karen’s Story

Karen's Story When I was sixteen years old I was dating this guy and we were very much in love. We decided to take our relationship to the next level. It was the first time we had been intimate with each other. We used protection, but the protection failed. I then found myself pregnant and very scared. I was one of four children and the only girl. I was a "daddy's girl". My father was old-fashioned and really did not like my boyfriend. The thought of going to my father and telling him that, number one, I was having sex, and secondly, I was pregnant, was overwhelming. I was scared to death. I went into total denial about my pregnancy. It wasn't until I was almost seven months that I told my parents. I thought for sure that my father would disown me and kick me out, but he totally ...
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