How to Choose Adoptive Parent(s)

Choosing the right parents for your child may seem like an impossible task. You may feel overwhelmed with what to do first. Although finding the right parents is a difficult task you can make the right choice for your child. Consider the steps below as a possible guide in your search.

  • Make a list of all the attributes you think parents of your child need and should have.
  • Review your list and pick out those attributes that are a”must have” no matter what. You should now have two list the “must have” list  and the “nice to have” list.
  • Consider what level of openness you wish to have with your baby and his parents There are many ways you can define openness.Consider all your options.
  • Using your “Must Have List” and your Openness Plan, take your time and read the profiles shared with you. Consider each parent candidate carefully. Know the details. Ask questions.You can email, talk or meet the families you are considering.
  • Finally, go with what you feel is right. Trust your intuition. Only when you know it’s right should you commit to “the” family. It is important to understand the anxiety and heighten expectation that adoptive parents have when communicating with you. Be compassionate with those you have chosen and those you have not.

We invite you to look at our families’ profiles and find the right family for your baby.