Overview of Our International Adoption Process

Golden Cradle serves as a supervised provider agency that facilitates the adoption of children from all over the world. As prospective parents wishing to adopt internationally, you will contract with a Hague-accredited adoption service provider (ASP). The ASP supervises Golden Cradle regarding the specific international requirements necessary for your adoption.

Your ASP does not need to be an agency in New Jersey. If you are interested in adopting internationally and live in New Jersey, your family must obtain an approved home study completed by a New Jersey licensed agency. After placement is made, visits are required again by personnel from a New Jersey licensed agency. Experienced in the international adoption process Golden Cradle can complete those requirements for you in a positive, seamless manner.

An international home study must include specific elements: child abuse clearances, state and federal fingerprints, medical histories, employment histories, financial disclosures, and personal and professional references. A home visit is also required.

Once your home study is complete, it is notarized and sent to you and to your ASP to become part of your dossier in order to be approved as prospective adoptive parents. The ASP will assist you in being matched with a child, adopting that child in the country of his/her birth, and bringing the child home to New Jersey.

When you and your new child return to New Jersey, you contact Golden Cradle, again and we will complete the post-placement visits which are required. When these visits are complete the adoption of your baby can take place in New Jersey no earlier than six months from the time the child arrived in the United States.

International adoption is a wonderful experience, but conditions in international countries can affect inter-country adoptions. Golden Cradle encourages you to update and educate yourself regarding these matters by consulting the United States Department of State website on inter-country adoptions (https://adoption.state.gov/) and COA’s website http://coanet.org/