“This Christmas, we are so thankful for Golden Cradle. We have been blessed to have worked with them, not just once, but twice and hope to be blessed again.”

~ a Forever Family

“Our beloved children, now adults! Will and Annie, were both adopted as infants through Golden Cradle.  Although we met Will’s birth mother at the placement, the adoption was closed. He has recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.  We know enough about his birth parents to know that his birth mother was from the south and that his birth father was a creative entrepreneur – all qualities Will shares with them.  He is a lovely young man – smart, funny, bright, musical, talented and ambitious. Our daughter, while starting out with a closed adoption, was able to find her birth family online. Annie is the spitting image of her birth mother. She has become close to several of her sisters and aunts, and we consider them part of the family.  She is graduating today from high school and we couldn’t be more proud. She has her sights set on being a teacher. We are forever grateful to Golden Cradle for our family, and Will and Annie’s birth parents for being so generous and sharing their precious children with us.”

~ Thanks, Karolyn